Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Albert Hammond Jr - Yours to Keep

This is better than the last Strokes album and in my opinion sounds like a Strokes album, what does that tell you?, is he the brains behind the whole band? the John Frusciante of The Strokes?"Back to the 101" in paticular, is a very cool song
(i did think"You Only Live Once" was an awesome song on the Strokes album, one of the best of the year, but then they fucked it up with an awful video by an overrated director)

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sarah said...

interesting that you feel so strongly about the "you only live once video". i agree it grated towards the end but i think the concept is kinda hilarious. i loved the video for juicebox...though that COULD be due to the fact that at various times during the video, the band gyrate towards the ground. a hot look this, and all, seasons. albert hammond's album is a sensation. i like bright young thing a whole lot and the fact he got sean lennon on board is kinda exciting. even though his solo gig in the village left me wanting.

Mark said...

Could you re-up the link for this? Thanks!

Brad said...

I would second that! Thanks!

Dick Darlington said...