Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kings of Leon - Beause of the Times

1. Knocked Up
2. Charmer
3. On Call
4. McFearless
5. Black Thumbnail
6. My Party
7. True Love Way
8. Ragoo
9. Fans
10. The Runner
11. Trunk
12. Camero
13. Arizona
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Anonymous said...

This link is dead. Could you repost?

Thank you for everything!!!

Dick Darlington said...

It'l be up in a while, theres something up with Media fire, not just my posts.
I'l have it on zshare in 20mins

Sara said...

Hi! Just wondering if its poss for you to re-upload Kings of Leon - Because of the Times. I loved the last two albums and would love to hear their latest. Would greatly appreciate this. By the way, I think your record collection is grrreat!! Have gathered some great tunes from your site. THANKS.

Dick Darlington said...

here ya go Sara

Sara said...

THANX!! Thats brilliant... Cant wait to listen to it!