Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Black Keys
- Magic Potion, Rubber Factory, Thickfreakness

So somebody asked about The Black Keys and if I could post some of their stuff again, here ya go.

Def one of the best bands around today, I seen them in Temple Bar Music Centre last yr which is where all these pics are from(i took the colour ones, dunno who took the blk n white) and was one of my gigs of the year, hopefully they'l put in a festival appearance or something this yr.
The fact that 1 guitar player and a drummer can sound better than most bands with 5 or 6 people is crazy.

I think Rubber Factory is the best album, closely followed by Magic Potion and then Thickfreakness.

I also have a bootleg from Sydney in 05 which i'l put up in a day or so.

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Dick Darlington said...

Rubber Factory

Dick Darlington said...

Magic Potion