Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hi, so I got a message from somebody asking had I given up on the blog, no. I was in Gemrany for a while. Seen Southside Fest which included Interpol(too much new stuff) Editors(brilliant)Kings of Leon(good but pity they were on the large main stage) Beastie Boys(awesome) Sonic Youth(awesome)Modest Mouse(Awesome) Bright Eyes(awesome), quite a bit of use of awesome there.

Also I was sick of the fact that before I went on the trip my links were dying within a day or so of putting them up, and I was seeing them on tons of other blogs without any credit being given to where they were taken from. I have no problem with people using a link if they then link my blog from it, but not doing it isnt cool when someone else using it just gets it killed quicker and I'm the one spent the time uploading it.
Certain links had hundreds of downloads and I was able to see far less people visited the blog since I put them up. But when I came back there was loads of leaks and I had more time on my hands, so............................for the time being i'l see how it goes.


polk said...

Dick - for the bloody record, this blog is the bees' knees. It rocks. I have told so many friends about it you wouldn't even believe it.

Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We love you, out here in the blogosphere. I was worried just like the other ten million dedicated Serenity Now devotees, that you had vanished into the ether, or maybe Al Gore's belly.

Good to see you 'back'. Sound like Germany was a hoot.

Adam said...

hey man, i love your blog site, but since i got my mac i haven't been able to do this site, because the only software they have for rar archiving, its password function doesn't working. I might be the only one complaining, but would it be at all possible to not password protect your links. If not, that is cool, but just a suggestion,


Anonymous said...

You have a great blog and great taste in music--don't let the inconsiderate people get to you.

ink said...

good to see you back.

The Man Next Door said...

I understand your reasons, I surely do! But I will have to arrest you if you stop the blog :)

Keep up the good work!!

cletus_buckley said...

I have had the same problem, I found one blog with 3/4 of my posts up. In future I have included my URL in the the rar file name. I'm not a fan of passwords because sometimes i cant remember where i got the album from. But if the rar file has our URL everyone owns who uploaded it.

Anonymous said...

To mac user,
I have no issues inputting a password using UnRAR. You just have to enter it for each album. It's a piece of cake.