Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Okkervil River-The Stage Names
Hell Yes !

If you dont know them, the video below is For Real from they're last album "Black Sheep Boy"

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pass is dickdarlington


Dick Darlington said...


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU !!! Your blog is just indispensable

Zac said...

Thanks for the Okkervil download. I was beginning to think you gave up on the blog! Thanks.

Patrick said...

Nice to see you back.
Great band; hope the album is as good as the last.

Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant CD.
Nice to listen.

Thx :-)

Kuro said...

Jagjaguwar has some pretty damn interesting bands..

Oneida - Secret Wars


Macky Olé said...

Well, looks I'm going to be a little late to work this morning. So pumped for this, thank you.

e said...

good to see you back on duty!

thanks for the okkervil


Anonymous said...

You been posting some wicked cool stuff of late, Mr. Darlington! Many thanks! Really liked the Mooney Suzuki and the Iron & Wine.