Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Black Keys-Live at Bonnaroo 2007

Link in comments
pass is http://dickdarlington.blogspot.com/


Dick Darlington said...


e said...

thanks for this
trust they were amazing live

Jim said...

what's the password here?

chetsparks said...

"http://dickdarlington.blogspot.com/" didn't work for me- I tried it on 2 computers :(.

I've had problems before with passwords that include "http://..."

Any help?

Thanks, these guys rock live, I've seen them three times!

Anonymous said...

yo man, something is wrong with the password here. I have tried it a 1000 times. http://dickdarliington.blogspot.com/ and dickdarlington
what is the problem???????????????

Dick Darlington said...

The pass works, something wrong you're end buddy

Anonymous said...

Well maybe you could change it to dickdarlington cause apparently there are a few people who are having problems. At least 4 from the looks of posters in the comments.

Dick Darlington said...

Some people may have a problem but i've tried it and it works, plus a few hundred people have downloaded it and have had no problems. I definitley wont be spending my time re upping it for somebody with you're atitude. The problem is you're end so a simple please would at least be expected.

Anonymous said...

Hey good blog and good music but after downloading 5 or 6 links, I was only able to open 1 with your password. Something's not quite right. If you have another way of ZIPing up, it may be worth a try since it seems to be a common issue... Please!

Thanks for taking time to post all this music, it is much appreciated.