Thursday, July 5, 2007

David Bazan-Fewer Moving Parts

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pass is


Dick Darlington said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! i really love david bazan! unfortunately there is something wrong with the fifth song, it cannot be unziped...could you fix this problem?
thanks & cheers!

reverendovil said...

Hi Dick;

Thank you for your posts amigo, you,ve got a great blog ...

un abrazo

e said...

thanks. took me a moment to figure out who he is.
looking forward to listening.

Adam said...

hey man this is great, but it is missing the acoustic version of cold beer and cigarettes. If you have it, could you please upload it?


Ted said...

Love the Wilco/Tweedy posts! Seeing them here in SF in soon.
Do you have the Tweedy Letters to Santa benefit concerts? I had a copy of them somewhere but they're MIA!!
Keep up the great posts!