Tuesday, March 6, 2007

So, i decided to upload some cool covers I have. I sifted through the shit and have only put up the best.
Wilco - Thirteen (Big Star)
Just a really nice song covered very well.

Kings of Convenience - Free Falling (Tom Petty)

So cool.

Ben Folds - In Between Days (The Cure)

Ben Folds Bitches Ain't Shit(Dr Dre)
i know everybody probably has this but couldn't do an Eastenders and "leave it out"(will anybody get that joke?)

Eels - Feeling Good (Nina Simone)

Jeff Tweedy - California Stars
(a sort of a cover, Wilco and Billy Bragg did an album where they put music to Woody Gutherie lyrics, full band version is cool, this is acoustic)

Eels feat Afro Man - Because I Got High (Afro Man)
Basically Eels played a gig in Munich and a guy kept calling for Novocaine for the Soul, this guy was so pissed off it wasnt played he confronted E after the show who told him to fuck off and find something better to worry about.
The next day in Vienna Afro Man was staying in the same hotel as E, still not in the mood to play Novocaine, E asked him to come down to their gig and play his hit, Because I Got High, Afro Man agreed.The few seconds silence from the crowd when E introduces Afro Man is hilarious.
I wanna also add that Eels name all their tours, for instance "Eels with Strings" was semi acoustic, rock tour was last year "No Strings Attached" etc, this mp3 is taken from the tour in 2003 with the best tour name ever "Bus Driving, Band Rocking"
Video below but I prefer the mp3 myself:

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