Monday, March 26, 2007

Uncle Tupelos Last Gig Ever
Its one long mp3 and not split into individual tracks but still very cool, good recording.
Below is Jeff Tweedys actual setlist from the show-

Link in comments
pass is dickdarlington


Dick Darlington said...

sorry about that, link fixed

Anonymous said... encore? Bummer..great post.

Daver in Chicago said...

Can't thank you enough for posting this! I had a cassette tape of Uncle Tupelo playing the Metro in Chicago in 1994, but I never thought I'd be able to hear their last show. Thanks again!

nffcnnr said...

Thanks for this!
i split the file into the 18 songs and uploaded it. See my Awesomeometer blog.

Anonymous said...

My Mom and Dad found out about Uncle Tupelo in the early 1990's. We're all from near Belleville, so I grew up listening to them. It's amazing how many people love them now. Fitting that their last show was at Mississippi Nights. It's a shame that place is closed now.

What Goes Around said...

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